Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mother daughter gift giving day

Click on the order forms to see a larger version and print it if necessary.  Order forms will also be available on the display table outside the Relief Society Room on Sundays.  

Washer Necklaces - The order form includes a variety of charms, if there is something specific you want, let Lannon know and she can probably get it.  Prices vary depending on charm requested.  
Nativity on wood with Vinyl - $12

Ceramic Dishes - You can do a plate or a mug.  They are $2 each and you can paint them any way you would like.  We will have a few examples for you to see.  
Chalkboard - $4   There will be two different designs, this one below and another that is a menu board.
Pop Tab Bracelets - $1 - The kids will love making these!
Temple Name Holder Bracelet - $2.50 - These are stretchy bracelets you can wear in the temple to hold the name you are doing.
Glass etching.  You can bring your own pan - a 9x13 pan or pie pan.  The etching (of your name) will be $4 for the 9x13 pan and $3 for the pie plate.  The prices listed on the price sheet include the actual pan.  The picture below is the example of the pie plate.  We will also be doing a Christmas plate, you can choose your initial or a Christmas design.

Superhero Capes in pink or blue - $5.25
I love you because frames in several different designs - $3.
CTR Charm bracelets - $2

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Reading Challenge

Recently, Sister Motteshard posed the question to the Relief Society sisters if there was anything that we could do in Relief Society to help you spiritually.  She received several suggestions back.  

One was a regular temple outing.  We will try to do this twice a month - one during the day and another in the evening or perhaps Saturday morning, to accommodate just about any schedule.  We will let you know what those dates and times are.  

The other suggestion was a reading challenge.  So we as a presidency decided to take you up on that.  Rather than do the usual "Book of Mormon" challenge, we opted to use the "Daughters in my Kingdom" book.  We plan to have the entire book finished in time for our ward temple challenge we are holding in October (like we did last October).  Here is our schedule:  
Some people need to be held accountable for their reading (like me), so we are assigned a number and will pass around a chart where you can mark off your reading each week.  You are not required to have a number to participate, but if you would like one, contact Sister Motteshard.  You can also get a copy of the reading schedule from her or simply click on the picture above and print.  

We had a lot of sisters sign up and hope that many more will participate with us.  If you don't have a copy of the book, you can pick one up from the distrubution center for a couple of dollars.  It can also be found on the LDS scriptures app that you may have on your smart phone.  

Sunday, February 24, 2013

In case you missed it...

In case you missed the Rigby East Stake Relief Society Conference held recently...
President Poston gave a most wonderful talk!  

Thanks to Sister Motteshard for sharing her notes! 

(click on the picture to enlarge or the link below the picture)

Lorenzo Snow Lesson 4 Notes

Click on the photo and print or click the link for notes from 
Sister Thurgood's lesson from Chapter 4 of the Lorenzo Snow manual.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Relief Society Broadcast

The General Relief Society Broadcast is this Saturday, September 29th at 6:00 p.m.  It will be shown on the BYU channel, but they are encouraging us to all meet together and view it at the stake center. 

Refreshments will be served!  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

For Your Information...

So as not to create a conflict of interest on this blog which was meant for Relief Society information only... we have created a second blog that is for food storage, food orders, and other helpful information you might need.  It is not sponsored by the church or the Relief Society in any way, just a place to pass along information you might find useful.

You can find this site at:

If you have any information to share with us, send it to:  nourishandstrengthen at  and I will make sure it gets added to the blog.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Helpful links

For those of you who love Pinterest, here are some great food storage boards:  

Hello Everyone!

Disclaimer ;-) & General Info.:  I will try to get these emails out every week, preferably on Wednesday morning to evening, as this is when most of the grocery store sales start. These will be mostly food sales, but occasionally I'll notice other good sales and will include them as well.  Most of the deals will be for basic food staples and/or items I personally keep an eye on, or just happened to notice. Please let me know if there's something in particular you shop for and would like me to watch for sales on, or if you know of a good sale on something I can pass along.  If an item is listed in this email, it's what I consider to be a pretty good buy. I will highlight the prices that are what I have found to be a "best deal of the year" on that particular brand/item.  Those are great times to build up food storage or just stock up at a great price. *** Listed after the price indicates an exceptional buy, not the best I've seen, but pretty close.  The sales listed below are from each stores sales ads. Be sure to keep an eye out when you go to the store as they usually have other sales that aren't listed in their ads.

Albertson's and Smith's require a "savings" card to get their sales.  If you don't have one, they're free, and easy to sign up for at their service desks. If a price calls for an “in-ad coupon”, the store ads are usually available on a stand by the entrance to the store. Broulims usually has their coupons available to everyone at the check-outs. Winco doesn't have a store ad, and they change their prices at un-determined times. Their prices aren't guaranteed for any amount of time, but I will post them as of the time I saw them. Sometimes the stores don't stick to their limits, so be sure and ask if you want more. Also, most stores are good at giving rainchecks if they're out of an item. Smith's will allow you to order larger quantities of most sale items and call you when they're in. 

Store Sales
Albertson's: Sale Dates:  5/16 – 5/22
Albertson's Whole Fryers - $ .79 lb.
Lay's Potato Chips, Cheetohs, Tostito's, Frito's – 4 for $8
Essential Everyday Cereals - $1.75 to $2 (w/purchase of 6 participating items)
Best Food Mayonnaise, 30 oz. - $2.49 (w/purchase of 10 participating items)
French's Mustard, 12 oz. - $ .99 (w/purchase of 10 participating items)
Barilla Pasta, 16 oz. - $ .75 (w/purchase of 10 participating items)
Jell-o Pudding, 5.9 oz. - $ .75 (w/purchase of 10 participating items)
Albertson's Split Chicken Breasts - $1.29 lb.
Sunny D, 64 oz. - $1

Broulim's: Sale Dates: 5/16 – 5/22
Fresh Broccoli or Cauliflower - $ .89 lb.
Fresh Premium Gold Pineapple - $ .89 lb.
Country Style Boneless Pork Ribs - $1.79 lb.
WF Granulated Sugar, 25 lb. - $10.99 (w/purchase of 2 MCP or Sure-Jell Pectin)
MCP or Sure-Jell Pectin - $1.88***
Folding Camp Chairs - $6.99***
American Beauty or Ronzoni Pasta, 16 oz. - $ .99***
WF Refried Beans, 16 oz. - $ .69***
Cluster Tomatoes - $ .89 lb.
Fresh Green Onion – 2 for $1
Smith's: Sale Dates: 05/16 – 5/22
Fresh Hass Avocados - $ .69***
Smith's Split Chicken Breasts - $ .99 lb.
Fresh Strawberries, 16 oz. - 2 for $4
Fresh Cantaloup - $ .79 lb.
Fresh Kiwi – 3 for $1
Sobe, 20 oz. - $ .88***
Roma Tomatoes - $ .79 lb.
Folding Camp Chairs - $6.99***
Winco: Prices checked on 5/09
Don't forget their bulk section, almost everything is less than the packaged equivalent
Ritz Crackers - $1.98
HT Tomatoes, canned 14.5 oz. - $ .58
HT Tomato Sauce, 8 oz. - $ .26***
Fresh Vine Tomatoes - $ .78 lb.
Fresh Artichokes - $1.48***
Fresh Carrots, 2 lb. - $ .88***
Fresh Cauliflower - $ .68 lb.
Fresh Jalapenos - $ .68 lb.

Bountiful Baskets
They have their weekly fruit and vegetable baskets at an excellent buy, as well as extra items like breads, tortillas, cookies, etc. They also have excellent prices on cases of fruits and vegetables now and then. These are excellent for canning and freezing.

Zaycon Foods
Is a meat cooperative that has bulk meat sales a few times a year. They have drop locations set up in our area. You can go to their website:, to get details and sign up.

Quality Farm Foods
This is a food cooperative from California. They buy California produce, nuts, Utah Honey, etc. in bulk and distribute it to people who order from them. There is a group started for Rigby.  You can go to their website: , to get details and sign up.

Scoresby Farms
Scoresby Farms are now in a building just a 1/4 mile South on Woodruff in the old River Rat Marine (boat) store and in an old gas station building on the corner of Northgate Mile & 17th Street.  They get their produce from Southern California and Idaho, buying directly from the farmers. They also grow crops on 50 acres in Iona.   They are offering bread and Idaho apples and apple cider from an apple orchard in Caldwell. They are open 9am-7pm M-Sat.  Here is their website.  If you like, you can sign up for a newsletter.